This is the place where you share your comments - plz note do not yell at my best uncle ever he got me made an electric triangelisit so all of yall who hate him shut up.

                                                                                           As they once said hatin' is bad.

As he once said (Eminem) - haters can make like bees and sting something else or something like that. Don't blame me im in my basment right now.
Screen shot 2012-02-25 at 7.33.41 AM
Down below is the game we hate (Chit chat city sucks)
Chit chat city sucks

Chit chat city sucks


Ok, you want to comment, start here, plz note if you swear, dis, or even yell about stuff you don't like your comments will be removed and if you keep posting we will keep playing the take off game but after three atempts your guy will get blocked by each one of Concon's voters. JUST A NOTE, and if you disobey we will burn yo to your mommys arms so you can cry in a place we wont try to go to jail.
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